A well-maintained gutter system can help protect your home from damage caused by water buildup in the foundation or walls. However, gutters can fall into disrepair if not regularly inspected and maintained. Here are some of the most common problems that indicate you need to call a professional for gutter service.


Unfortunately, clogs are one of the most common issues homeowners face with their gutters. Leaves, twigs, and debris can build up and cause water to overflow, potentially damaging your home’s exterior.

While DIY cleaning tools and products may seem like a quick fix, they can often cause more harm than good to your gutters. A professional gutter cleaning service has the expertise and equipment necessary to safely and effectively remove clogs and prevent future damage.

Missing Sections

Whether there’s damage caused by extreme weather or improper installation, missing sections can leave your home vulnerable to water damage. While some homeowners may attempt to fix the issue themselves, it’s important to remember that gutter repair can be dangerous and difficult, especially when working at heights.

With a professional gutter service, these risks can be mitigated. For residents of Lafayette, LA, and Acadiana, Eagle Roofing & Construction can provide the expertise and quality service needed to repair or replace missing sections.

Leaks and Overflows

When gutters become clogged or damaged, they can easily overflow or start to leak. Water from overflowing gutters can seep into your home’s foundation and cause structural damage. Leaks can also cause staining and rot in the exterior walls of your house. A gutter repair professional will be able to identify and seal up any leaks in your gutters and help you prevent future leakage.

Incorrect Slope of Gutter

The slope of your gutter is an important factor in ensuring proper drainage. If the angle of the gutter is too low, it can cause water to pool instead of draining properly. A professional gutter service will be able to inspect and adjust your gutters to make sure they are sloped correctly so that water can flow freely away from your home.

Gutter problems can be a hassle, but seeking professional gutter service is the best way to ensure your home’s safety and longevity. From clogs and missing sections to leaks and incorrect slopes, an experienced gutter repair technician can identify and fix any issues you may have with your system.

At Eagle Roofing & Construction, we offer roofing repair, replacement, and inspection, among other services. Contact us today to schedule a service.

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