Roofing shingles come in extensive designs, varieties, and colors. Choosing the ideal shingles that fit your budget and your particular home’s style can be difficult, especially because maintaining your roof is a considerable investment.

Regardless of whether you need to replace your present roof or you’re considering design possibilities for your ideal home, here is a simple guide on selecting the best roof shingles.

1. Colors of Roof Shingles

Consider the color options available for each type of material when selecting shingles. Take into account how they will look from an aesthetic standpoint on your home. Nobody desires a roof that does not match the exterior of their home.

While choosing colors, also bear in mind that certain homeowner organizations have guidelines about what colors are authorized. Some districts permit homeowners to select stronger colors; other areas prefer more subdued hues.

2. Types of Shingles

Various materials, such as concrete, clay, cedar, asphalt, or aluminum, can be roof shingles. Every type of roof shingle has its toughness, appeal, and advantages. Asphalt roof shingles composed of laminated asphalt composite are the most common type and style of roofing material used in residential buildings.

3. Cost

The materials you choose will determine how much roof shingles will cost. Remember that the labor and installation prices will also affect your budget. For homeowners in the Louisiana region, choose Eagle Roofing & Construction for quality and reasonably priced roof installation services.

4. Warranty

Before choosing a shingle, always read the relevant warranty information. Some manufacturers provide a “lifetime protection” warranty. Trustworthy roofing firms will repair your roof shingles at no cost if your warranty is still valid. You can also transfer your warranty if you decide to sell your house.

5. Slope and Pitch of Your Roof

What kind of shingles to install depends on the roof’s pitch or slope. Your roof may not be a good fit for heavier roof shingle varieties, such as slate or clay tiles, depending on how steep the slope is. However, low-slope roofs are prone to ice issues, like ice dams.

Shingle roofing provides excellent value for your money due to its adaptability to various kinds of architecture and ecological benefits. Trust Eagle Roofing & Construction for reputable craftsmanship in roof repair, installation, and replacement. We are proud to serve customers near Lafayette, LA, and the Acadiana region. We also provide construction services for remodeling, additions and extensions, outdoor living, and painting projects. Contact us today to learn more!

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