Living in Louisiana, homeowners need to be prepared for the potential of hurricanes and other storms that can cause extreme damage. One area of your home that can suffer greatly during strong storms is your roof.

1. Damage to the Roof’s Structural Frame

When a hurricane or other storm-related wind events occur, your home’s roof may be subject to extreme pressure and force, which could cause damage to the structural frame. This is especially true if the roof was built using weaker materials. Damage to the structural frame can weaken its ability to protect from further weathering and put occupants in danger.

2. Shingles and Other Roofing Materials

High winds associated with hurricanes have been known to shred off shingles and other roofing material, exposing them to further damage and water infiltration. It’s important that homeowners check their roofs before storms arrive for any loose or missing shingles.

If roofing repairs are needed, they should be completed before the storm to ensure the roof is adequately protected. If you live in Lafayette, LA, and the Acadiana region, Eagle Roofing & Construction can provide a professional roof inspection and repair service.

3. Pooling of Water

During windy storms, water can pool on roofs and cause damage if improperly handled. If areas of a roof are missing shingles or other protection, water may be able to penetrate through these openings and cause further damage. Additionally, debris such as leaves and branches can clog gutters and downspouts, leading to pooling water problems. Homeowners should check their roofs for signs of water infiltration before storms occur to prevent costly repairs later.

4. Damage to Vents and Flashing

Vents and flashing are important elements of your roof, as they provide ventilation to the attic, protect your roof from water infiltration and keep warm air out. If these fixtures become damaged during a storm, they must be replaced or repaired promptly to prevent further damage to the roof.

By being aware of how hurricanes and other storms can affect roofs, homeowners can take steps to protect their homes before a major storm strikes. Inspecting your roof for any damage or deterioration is key to preventing costly repairs.

At Eagle Roofing & Construction, we provide storm damage repair, roofing installations, maintenance, and general roofing repairs. Call us today to get your roof ready in case of a storm.

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